New Logo!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a new logo: a little black boy. This logo represents who I am as an artist, and as a person. My main body of work addresses black males in society through every lens; the stereotyped black male, the dying black male, the gay black son, the fatherless son, the spiritual male, the father, the diseases father, and so on and so forth. Being that I am a young black gay male, I feel very drawn to how young black males, gay and otherwise, are perceived. I find if very interesting and slightly gawking how we, as a community, are taken.

Therefore, I feel I re/deconstruct the black male – both physically and arbitrarily. And since I am obsessed with the black male body; its beauty, its crevices, creases, limits, undoings, my logo being a black male makes sense.

It both represent me (one, because it looks like me) and others who look like me. We are one community, and we need to identify each other as such.


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