Poem of the Week: Why R&B First Thing In The Morning, Why R&B Above All by Angel Nafis

because crooning is the breast milk of the motherless & all the birds are black
because the whole whiteworld a birdcage & my wicked is my sugar is my alchemy
because my nipple is certain against my bathrobe
& my round gut is full off my own dreaming

because breakfast sustains hope & the first meal is this: t​omorrow’s a rumor
because the low of my back believes what the sea told it
& prayer crowds in the nook of my sway

because what is promised raps at the window & field field field sky sky sky
because the ball gown boasts the beating & my own undecorated love belongs
because i must begin with this­­­–the breaking that fix

in the slow cut of first sun my name is a
wasps nest my endangered bones are sweet
a pill under god’s tongue.

*Originally published in The Rumpus*


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