29 Days of Beautiful

During the month of February, I will be posting poems every day written by queer black writers of color. In addition, I will be coupling this pieces with visual works by 29 different queer black artist. 

This project is to represent the wonderful works of the black queer community. It is also to educate all those who believe that queer black people are incapable of creating something beautiful. It is a exhibit allowing queer black artist to see works from people like themselves. Sometimes we forget how it important it is for people, both young and old, to see themselves in something they love. But, it is extremely important. 

February is Black History Month, however, in this month, queer black artist are usually looked over. During this month, queer black inspirationals are silenced and never acknowledged. But, not this time. 29 Days of Beautiful is here to acknowledge the silenced; give light to the wonderful works they have created. 

29 Days of Beautiful will start on Feb. 1st and will end on Feb. 29th.

-Luther Hughes


See all the pieces from this project here.


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