little red by avery r. young

by MyArtYourEyes | model: Aaron M.

fo Toni

& when him come mandingo buc(k)
all greasy & blue in de hush

of her befo her give him a piece
of summa dat blow

a min(d) | her tell him
some man rape(d)

some woman her kin to
somewhere one day

& ran saffron
up & down

her | her tell him
her blk not almos(t)

white | her tell him
              dem be razor(s)             not roller(s)

curlin her hair
her tell him her aint a prize

wif a pussy
her tell him

her pussy de prize
her tell him

her need him to be
a winner | her tell him

him has no option
to lose

avery r young
avery r. young

Originally published Four Way Review

See all the pieces from 29 Days of Beautiful here.


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