29 Days of Beautiful


During the month of February, I posted poems every day written by queer black writers of color. In addition, I coupled these pieces with visual works by 29 different queer black artist. 

This project was created to represent the wonderful works of the black queer community. It is also to educate all those who believe that queer black people are incapable of creating something beautiful. It is an exhibit allowing queer black artist to see works from people like themselves. Sometimes we forget how it important it is for people, both young and old, to see themselves in something they love. But, it is extremely important. 

February is Black History Month, however, in this month, queer black artist are usually looked over. During the month of February, queer black inspirationals are silenced and never acknowledged. But, not this time. 29 Days of Beautiful is here to acknowledge the silenced; give light to the wonderful works they have created. 

I would like to thank all those who participated, shared, liked, and read these great pieces. And to the artist who agreed to have their works represent pieces, I am truly grateful. 

– Luther Hughes


29 Days of Beautiful began on Feb. 1st and ended on Feb. 29th. You can experience the project below: 

February 1: I, Too by Langston Hughes; The Last Goodbye by Rai McKinley

February 2: We House by Britteney Black Rose Kapri; artwork by Duke Virginia 

February 3: Take Your Coffee Black by Jayy Dodd; Coffee by Baby Teeth

February 4: Power by Audre Lord; They Shot At Us by Darryl Terrell

February 5: Black Object’s Deportment; pharoah by polyzentricks, Model: Sal the Director

February 6: After We Drank the Table by Aziza Barnes; artwork by coriama couture

February 7: Body Chronicle by Justin Phillip Reed; artwork by Toxicrocket

February 8: Poem About My Rights by June Jordan; artwork by Lola Ogbara

February 9: Invocation of the Sacrosanct by Jonah Mixon-Webster; For Greg by Tr3zVision

February 10: sift by francine j. harris; Madison by Davis Blackwell

February 11: Sonnet with a Cut Wrist and Flies by Phillip B. Williams; chirophobia by Luther Hughes

February 12: some said you were the splitting image of evil by t’ai freedom ford; model: Mayah Daniels

February 13: little red by avery r. young; photography by MyArtYourEyes, model: Aaron M.

February 14: Blackbody Curve by Samiya Bashir; from Scottie Diaries by Carlos Jones, model: Scottie

February 15: Heartbeats by Melvin Dixon; Self-Portrait by Riley Darryl

February 16: Gravity by Angel Nafis; artwork by sideshowsherri

February 17: Brother in Arms by Carl Phillips; from Chains by Rai McKinley

February 18: from proxy by R. Erica Doyle; out and about by Justin Carpenter

February 19: Sweet Boys by Derrick Austin; shabby by Jaylen Strong

February 20: Bone by Dawn Lundy Martin; exchange by Luther Hughes

February 21: Commitments by Essex Hemphill; Cyberton by Kidd Ford

February 22: Walking to Arawak Road by Alexis Pauline Gumbs; artwork by Eddy LeRoy Jr.

February 23: It Could Happen to Anyone: A Letter to a Boy by L. Lamar Wilson; Lava ma blanco by Jesús Hilario-Reyes Performance

February 24: They Clapped by Nikki Giovanni; artwork by rockedfeller

February 25: Normal by Reginald Harris; Street Tears by Muhxleek

February 26: Joice Heth Catalogues the Skin by Bettina Judd; my sad tutu by courtwedd

February 27: What Returns by Cameron Awkward-Rich; Bad Blood by Brandon Syre

February 28: Between Heaven and the Most Southern Place on Earth by Aricka Foreman; 99 red balloons by Forrest.CC

February 29: You Are Not Christ by Rickey Laurentiis; photography by eliasthecreative, model: desidollaaz


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