30FOR30 Poetry Prompt Challenge

logoFor all those who don’t know, have forgotten, or just plain out ignores, April is National Poetry Month. Like many others, Shade will be hosting a daily poetry prompt challenge called, “30FOR30.” 

Within 30FOR30, there will be themes for each week. The themes are as followed: 

Week One: Memories
Week Two: Nature
Week Three: Family/Home
Week Four: Social/Political
Week Five: Response

Within each week will have detailed prompts centered around the theme for that week. And these prompts, let me tell you, are beau-ti-ful! 

But wait… there’s more! Each Friday of the month will be Form Friday. On Form Friday, the prompt will be to write a poem addressing the theme using a specific form. 

I will be posting the prompts each day, so you have to stay up on the prompts. 

And where can you post them, you might ask. Well, thank you for asking! You can post your piece anywhere you like. You can post them as a comment, you can even inquire to have your piece be featured. (Just email lutherjhughes@gmail.com for all inquiries.) 

30FOR30 starts this Friday, April 1st! Stay tuned.



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