30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: April 4

Week One: Memories
April 4th: Write a poem addressing the bed. 

Today’s prompt is to write a poem addressing the bed. The bed is something different for many people. What is the bed to you? What memories can you pull from it’s cotton? It’s silk or veil. Are you without a bed? What is to be drawn from that absence? Dive into these memories head first. Let the bed comfort you. Or let it destroy you.logo 

Here’s a poem by Burt Kimmelman: 

Making the Bed

for D.

Summer country. In the morning the leaves

to the window and fold
the house in. Mountains and sun. I fold

the blankets, hand smooth. When
you’re here

I know it. The sun crosses

the hand’s breadth—

and in your face

the unenterable
image. Under

your eyelids
night unfolds. Pull

the blanket over you
and with it

the darkened air.

Feel free to post your poems in the comments!



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