“You’ll Never Love Me” in The Adroit Journal (Forthcoming)
“Innocence and a Side of Sovereignty” in BOAAT (Forthcoming)
“He Went Away Without Bidding Anyone Farewell” in Tinderbox Poetry (Forthcoming)
“I Want to Talk About Water” in The Boiler Journal 
“From the Lynched” & “Riding with Death” in Underblong 
“any black thing” in Columbia Poetry Review 
“survey of lust” & “And So a Light” in Cosmonauts Avenue 
“trayvon” in The Shallow Ends

“into winter,” “little phoenix,” “keeper,” “how i am abusive,” “touched,” & “alternate ending with weeping” in Crab Fat Magazine
“homo sapien” (Nominated for Best New Poets, 2017) in Hot Metal Bridge 


“ode to the middle passage” in No Dear Magazine 
“the body stays & everyone won’t understand” in No Assholes!
“vid 023” in Sidekick Lit 
“pond with blood” in The James Franco Review 
“hominal” & “psalms” in Construction Literary Magazine 
“suicide note #1” in Nepantla 
“how we surrender,” “when your grandfather dies,” “ceremonies,” & “sestina for the sadistic” in NAILED Magazine
“if it’s about abuse, then yes, i’ll answer the questions” in Winter Tangerine
“a question of rain,” “broken sonnet for osteoarthritis,” & “broken ghazal for osteoarthritis” in The James Franco Review
“vid 001” in Blueshift Journal — Winner of the Brutal Nation Poetry Prize 
“this is not zion,” “ode to the black object,” & “how to stop drowning” in Public Pool
“baptism” in The Offing
“hunting season: boys” & “offering” in Solstice Literary Magazine 
“effigy” in Vinyl Poetry 
“someday i’ll love luther hughes, myself” in Day One 
“something hominal” (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize) in WILDNESS 
“ode to seattle or my body or water” in We Sweat Honeysuckle Anthology 


“letter to langston #38: apologies” in Four Chamber Press 
“a matter of body” & “tradition” (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize) in IDK Magazine 
“episode 424: papa’s got a brand new excuse” & “thanksgiving with the huxtables” in Kinfolks Quarterly 
“chains” in Muzzle Magazine 
“clay” & “writing a eulogy” in Word Riot 
“how we forget” in About Place Journal 
“chordae tendineae” & “hereditary” in The Bleeding Lion
“almost an elegy” in Chelsea Station Magazine
“essex, jordan, and the old black man” (Nominated for the Best of Net Anthology) & “letters to langston #37” in Good Men Project
“object #1: your sim makes a face at his own body after ‘woo hoo'” in Curator Magazine
“for the nostalgic” in Modern Poetry Quarterly Review


“In Terms of Joy, Review on Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay” in Columbia Poetry Review Blog
“He Reads: The Lorde of Many Faces, Review on The Black Unicorn in
MUSED Magazine Online


“10 Black Gay Poets Everyone Should Know” in MUSED Magazine Online


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